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My questions are as follows: Am I legally obligated to allow the realtor in to inspect, take pictures, and show home, when my lease doesn expire until next month? Can I request a licensed contractor to do the inspection rather than realtor husband? What are my rights as a tenant in Michigan? Any suggestions as to what to do? All of this has been quite a shock to us and I trying to find another home quickly which has been quite an inconvenience due to my relatives. It should be spelled out as to how and when the property owner can gain access to his or her property. Full seller disclosure is required for the sale of property.

Jordan 11 Low Concord Black

Jordan 11 Low Concord Black

Long story, short. Five months ago, we signed a six month lease for a home. Owner Nike Jordan Men's Jordan Rising High Basketball Shoe

I also can not see why on earth you want a licensed contractor to inspect. Unless you are buying the house yourself, it certainly isn any businees of yours. If you have had an offer accepted on the house, and you are buying it yourself, then yes, you can ask to have a licensed contractor inspect AND YOU PAY FOR IT YOURSELF.

the bank was forcing sale. House is also behind in back taxes. Wants to come in and take pictures and show house to potential buyers this week.

Your lease is up next month, so you already knew you were going to be moving, so I don get what all the tears are about.

Yes, the landlord has every right to bring people though and to have the building inspected. He has every right to sell the property and you have no say in the matter, because it does not belong to you.

Jordan 11 Low Concord Black

There is a possibility that the landlord will allow you out of the lease early. It doesn hurt to ask.

Wish I could be of more help, hope I pointed you in the right direction. Good Luck. Now would be a good time to purchase a home.

Jordan 11 Low Concord Black

My elderly relative that lives with me is terminally ill with several major health issues and on 24/7 oxygen, and I don feel a bunch of people walking through here, bringing in germs etc., will be good for his health. He is not able to leave the house with any ease. My lease expires next month.

Jordan 11 Low Concord Black

I suggest that you buy the house, and then you won have to move at all. If it is a distress sakle, the price should be good.

After closer inspection, we discovered that this manufactured home is literally separating where the walls and ceiling meet. Also, on a wall, where tiles are popping off. Realtor wants to bring husband by look at, as they seem to think based on my description it surface cracks. Unfortunately, some of these major cracks are are 1/4" wide. This has just started happening recently.

Owner put home up for sale

said she might be interested in selling Jordan 11 Low Concord Black it later. We thought we might be interested in buying at the time. Had to move here fast, to move elderly relatives in with us, which owner was aware of. Signed lease, paid all rent on time, plus nearly $1000. security deposit. Owner stopped by to pick up rent early last week and stated Jordan 11 7210 Low

Jordan 11 Low Concord Black

Jordan 11 Low Concord Black

Jordan 11 Low Concord Black

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she was putting house up for sale. No discussion, nothing. Realtor called this week said house had been listed, as Air Jordan 6 Low Hot 100

Jordan 11 Low Concord Black

Jordan 11 Low Concord Black

Jordan 11 Low Concord Black

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